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The Most Convenient Technique To Buy Indoor Plants Online

Plantly house-plants are available to order on the internet and delivered straight to your residence. The Plantly container plant will arrive healthy and thriving.

Most indoor plants you buy at a supermarket or other retailer spend 3-4 weeks getting from the greenhouse to your home. Best Place to Buy Plants Online of house plants online isn't only easier, but it's healthier for the health of the plant. Think about this which houseplant is most likely to have the greatest chance of thriving in your house? Plants that aren't properly maintained for at least a month or stressed plants that don't get cared for in a timely manner. A potted plant from Plantly, which is shipped directly by our expert staff.

A House plant's Journey Home

Follow the Bird of Paradise from its greenhouse to your home , and discover more about the care we provide for your plants.

The Plantly Way

Plantly delivers your order direct from our greenhouses in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The plant is looked after by plant experts and is maintained in near-perfect conditions, giving it the best start in its new home with you. The plant is also cultivated in pots that support healthy root development, offer good drainage, and allows the plant to be watered thoroughly.

Once you make your purchase, your indoor plant is carefully packaged in our innovative container that regulates the temperature, protects your plant from damage caused by bumps and knocks that can occur during transport, and also prevents the pot from breaking.

Once the plant is delivered to your house the plant is unharmed and healthy, having only spent about a week in transportation. Plantly plants are now ready for utilize right out of the package. The plants arrive potted with a saucer, which means that when you take it out of the box all you have to do is to find the perfect spot for it in your house.

The Old Way

Contrast this with a buy plants online, which you bought from a retailer or at a store in a box The plant probably took 3-4 weeks going from the greenhouse into your home. The young plants are raised in greenhouses, in grower's containers until they are big enough to sell.

A little bit about the grower's pots. Grower's pots were never intended to be used long-term and can result in serious health issues for plants if they remain in them for too long. Plants that have roots in grower's pots nearly always slow their growth and hinder the ability to properly keep them hydrated. This can make them more susceptible to illness. Plantly delivers the house plants online delivery.

When the plants are set to go, they're packed up and loaded onto the truck to be shipped to wholesalers all over the nation. The boxes don't protect the plant from either injury from improper handling or extreme temperatures. The plants are stored in warehouses of wholesalers where they can wait for another truck to bring them to retail stores. They are kept in boxes and are not given the correct light, care or water for a week or more.

Then, the plants are put on another truck and shipped to stores for retail. They are not provided with adequate lighting and are exposed to drafts from doors opening and air cooling. At the retail stores, they are looked after by people who aren't experts in plant care. There the plants sits, in its own gardener's flowerpot, after its lengthy quest, waiting on you.

Finally, you decide to buy indoor plants online however, you'll still need to buy the pot with drainage and an saucer. Choose the appropriate soil, and then repot it prior to putting it in its new spot in your home.

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